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Business and Consumer Gateway to a Decentralized Ecosystem

Decentralized Ecosystem for business and private, secure digital usage

The Evolution From First to the Third Order of Blockchain.

Blockchain 1.0 Gave us the Initial Currency Transfer Systems and Digital Foundation to Build

Blockchain 2.0 Took us Beyond Currency Transfer and Remittance, Adding Utilities and DeFi with the Advent of Smart Contracts

Blockchain 3.0 is DeCo, Decentralized Apps, Ecosystems, and Storage Gateway

Blockchain 4.0 Vision is Globally Accepted with Complete Decentralized Services

Blockchain Solutions for Business

DappTricity Offers Multiple Ecosystems for Immediate Blockchain Adoption

RANDAO system logo

High performance, provably fair Random Number Generator solution

Random number generation needs to be verifiably random. In traditional solutions, this has been the source of multiple scandals where the system has been gamed. When using transparent Blockchain solutions, manipulation is made impossible. In our Decentralized White Label solution, users and businesses from around the world can verify that each and every transaction is legitimate, and generates the Random Number exactly as expected.

Digital Lotto Solution

Gaming continues to attract phenomenal amounts of players globally, and this continues to grow. By combining traditional games with new Blockchain Technology Solutions, we are able to provide top of the line games at low cost, with a transparent, easily auditable, user-friendly platform. Businesses can utilize the benefits of Blockchain on the back-end while users can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Decentralized Community Game

The RANDAO algorithm is a decentralized and immutable RNG algorithm that provides transparency and security. Utilizing smart contract technology, we prevent cheating and manipulation. With DappTricity White Label Solutions paving the way for transparent and secure systems, we offer custom-tailored solutions on Blockchain to bring real benefits to your business.

TriLife by DappTricity - Take Control of your Digital World

Digital Solution for All

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TriLife Portal​

A Decentralized Ecosystem (DeCo) offering entire communities the potential to start their Digital Journey​

TriLife brings the potential of blockchain technology to life for every digital citizen, granting the way for anyone, with any level of blockchain understanding to enjoy the benefits of this world-changing system. Using our TriLife Portal, digital citizens can take back control of their online lives. This includes access to banking services, social media messaging, and any traditional platforms’ best features with one important twist, which is privacy and complete control.

The TriLife DeCo is the gateway to decentralization for everyone, every business, and every daily need. Currently, TriLife is starting with a focus on healthcare, education, finance, and gaming, and will be incorporating many other services in the future. TriLife is the one-stop solution for entry into a world of development potential for apps and creators to utilize and develop upon, and we’re excited to work with developers to realise this potential.

With technology constantly changing how we live our lives, DeCo and TriLife will be the next generation of online platforms, bringing power back to the people. Blockchain has created a sustainable way to offer trust and security in a way that does not add any barriers to entry.  This allows us to create systems that work for everyone, run efficiently, and without demanding high fees or applying restrictions on everyday applications that people rely on. 

Globally, there has been a major shift with new ways to access and live our lives online. However, this has come with many obstacles and issues with centralized companies along the way, e.g. huge data breaches. TriLife is the portal bridging the gap between the past and future, offering an inclusive, fair, and border-less system that can truly scale alongside its users as a business gateway or easy entry path into Blockchain for consumers.

Let TriLife be your decentralized gateway to internet privacy, modern healthcare, security, and other essential aspects of your life, giving you back control over your data. 

TRI Token Logo

TRI (The One-Stop Digital Currency)

With TRI, Digital Citizens can participate in DappTricity’s Decentralized Ecosystem (DeCo). TRI powers transactions within the TriLife ecosystem, which offers an easy way for digital citizens to experience the benefits of Blockchain Technology. The platform creates opportunities and provides business gateways for services to users across the globe. 

The native digital asset entitles users access within all Dapps (Decentralized Apps) within the ecosystem, enhancing the user experience by providing anti-spam functionality, etc. It will also be utilised by specific solutions (e.g. Escrow) in order to function. Essentially, TRI will have ever growing utility in an ever growing digital world.  


With TRI, you can gain access to top tier payment services, cutting edge financial services, as well as the products you usually use on a daily basis – all under one platform. TRI enables cross-asset usage and will be available on exchanges, providing access to a global user base. 


TRI’s mission is simple;

  • Help people control their money, providing financial inclusion to all
  • Help people protect their digital existence
  • Help offer opportunities for consumers and business across the globe
  • Enhancing the user experience across DappTricity’s DeCo

Take back control of your personal data and daily life with TRI