What is DappTricity?

The Gateway to Decentralization and DeCo

DappTricity provides ready-made Blockchain B2B and B2C solutions including tailor-made options for specialist platforms 

Building on Blockchain for more than just Finance

The Advantages

Counterfeit Proof

Blockchain systems offer levels of security that traditional systems cannot. While traditional systems can be hacked or manipulated, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) prevents this due to strict rules being set, and full platform transparency. In a product lifecycle, anyone can confirm the origin, journey, organisations involved, and any other information assigned to the product. Proof of Authenticity provides huge benefits to both business and consumers.

Full Transparency

Blockchain is a solution that can offer unrivalled  transparency across a platform. Every transaction is visible to all, , and the technology prevents traditional problems found in finance such as double-spending, account balance errors, and manipulation. Try thinking about a poker game, if everyone can see your hand, you can’t bluff.


If you want to use this technology, as long as you have a smartphone or an internet connection, no one can stop you from enjoying all services within. This is very unlike traditional systems, where In 2020, those with no access to banking services stand at a staggering 14 million Americans, with 1.7 Billion adults worldwide facing the same problem. This new system will create accessible borderless transactions and open markets for millions around the world.


Blockchain technology can offer digital citizens complete control for any application or service provided using decentralized currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or TRI. Users hold the only access to their accounts, choose what data or information to send to third parties and  they have complete control over their own funds, with immediate access to services anywhere in the world.This offers businesses and consumers a gateway to global markets.

TriLife logo

TriLife is DappTricity’s life portal. This Decentralized Ecosystem (DeCo) enables the creation of products and services to be utilized by anyone, anywhere. 

TriLife is designed to address real demand for services used on a daily basis by people across the globe. Take app stores as an example. These house applications created by a global pool of developers, solving problems and improving users’ lives with creative solutions. Inside each app you may be able to buy access to special features/functionality using in-app currency. For TriLife, that currency is the TRI Token.

With a decentralized ecosystem offering Blockchain solutions for businesses and consumers around the world , and a global financial system that’s currently outdated, excluding billions of people, and struggling to scale… isn’t it time to TRI something new?