Unlocking the True Value in Blockchain, with DeCo
Decentralized Economy

Unlocking the True Value in Blockchain, with DeCo

Decentralized Ecosystems Full Guide (DEFG)

What is DeCo? (Decentralized Ecosystem)

Imagine a world where we have more people contributing to cures for medicine, qualified doctors, Healthcare workers, Designers, Scientists, and professionals with skills across all industries. With our current system, people are not afforded loans to attend school, start businesses, or provide to society freely and easily. They face constant and undefeatable problems in current society, where the elite grow further, and the ones who need help most, suffer.

With DeCo, all of these people can receive the foundation they need and deserve, opening up access to receive an equal opportunity to systems necessary for life online. This includes all means of banking including;

  1. Access to secure storage of assets
  2. Ability to purchase and sell online (financial transactions)
  3. Receive loans

DeCo can offer much-needed value to our current system

We need Smart Contracts, DeFi and DeCo, for very different parts of a sustainable ecosystem. DeCo aims to provide value in growth and sustainability in what is already a very volatile market, encouraging the development of in-demand Dapps (Decentralized Apps)and services, rather than quick gains and short life span tokens.

  • Mass Community’s Building on Blockchain
  • Millions of Supply Chains
  • No One Power in Control
  • Competition of Products
  • Killing monopolies

This is where DeCo matters, and where real Decentralization lies.

Decentralized life, and ecosystems have the potential to unlock huge restraints for anyone holding or having access to only a smartphone, which according to collected figures, stands at 5 Billion globally. By simply having a device to receive access to what many Digital Citizens take for granted daily, millions will be able to provide to our growing demand for innovation in society, create new security frameworks, and other essential tools, creating a lower level entry point is needed for many underprivileged living around the world for this to become reality.

When the world can move forward together, we all benefit. Innovation increases, poverty decreases, and solutions become available for problems globally.

Who is introducing DeCo?

A World of DeCo — DappTricity Logo

DappTricity is taking on this adventure together with Digital Citizens, to create the required infrastructure and aim of unleashing the true value in Blockchain. Blockchain is not just a place to win and lose, it can be so much more. Offering a new approach with DeCo, to truly benefit and serve people in daily life.

Building the first small communities and ecosystems of Dapps for hard-working people and developers to create around the world, the system is majorly Decentralized with initial help on approving safe Dapps for use. DappTricity will attempt to lower entry requirements for all online services, to no more than holding a smartphone. The platform aims to be the gateway to decentralization inside the ecosystem, using third-party fully decentralized apps.

Initially, emerging markets are where DeCo can immediately help, contributing to Africa as a foundation in which to help the youthful populations thrive and needs for ongoing and sustainable services become a reality. DappTricity believes together, utilizing Blockchains’ transparency, security, and safety features, as well as DeFi, smart contracts and DeCo is the answer to where Blockchain’s use needs to evolve. 

There will no doubt be more to come.

For more information, you can visit their site here.

Blockchain can be so much more, unlock it with DeCo

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