Why New Technology Requires the Right Philosophy and People to Back It Up

Why New Technology Requires the Right Philosophy and People to Back It Up

When you want to be a pioneer in your field and bring new technologies to the market in ways that will affect the lives of millions of users, it is crucial that your undertaking is backed up by the right philosophy and mindset of top management. Countless hours have been spent analyzing the current playing field, deconstructing trends, and attempting to not only predict what the future will bring, but also deciding on how we can best position the powerful technology under our control to take meaningful advantage of the way the world is changing. This goes deeper than creating just another strategy or business case, because DappTricity is more than just another Blockchain company. What we have in mind will place us at the forefront of the biggest technological change in generations.

We therefore believe it is extremely important to not only have a clear strategy outlining how we will do things, but also a clear philosophy explaining why we do. As a company, we want to be as open and honest about every aspect of the vision and journey we have in mind for DappTricity as we can possibly be, philosophically extending the technological transparency we value so highly about Blockchain to our own thinking and motivations.

Bitcoin, Blockchain and the whole field of crypto currencies may seem incredibly advanced by now, but the reality is that we have barely scratched the surface of what promises to be technology with truly world changing abilities. If one was to compare this field of computer science with the history of the internet, then the current state of the Blockchain universe would be the equivalent of where the online world was back in 1997, when Netscape was a household name, Google didn’t exist yet and 56Kbps modems were as fast as things could get. In a nutshell, this industry, cutting edge as it may seem right this moment, is still very much in its infancy and we have hardly seen anything yet of its true potential – but we have noticed a desire by people to see more.

The Digital Life

Over the last twenty years, society has gotten used to life becoming ever more digital. We have thrown caution to the wind and decided to trust faceless corporations with our data. We embraced managing our fiat money online and carrying our lives with us on our phones. For a while all seemed well, but then companies went too far and the trust we had placed in traditional technology was increasingly being betrayed by unscrupulous firms and unsavoury elements. Suddenly, privacy and security became subjects of concern for everybody and not just IT experts. Technologies that previously lived in stereotypical shadows and far away from the world of mainstream internet users were all of a sudden invited to step out into the limelight as people grew eager to learn more about the benefits of decentralized applications, crypto currencies and Blockchain solutions.

We are at the beginning of a fundamental shift in the way humans use and think about technology. Concepts that society placed in the realm of geeks and nerds only a few years ago are suddenly of interest to everyday internet users, and even subjects such as the mass adoption of decentralized digital money, once something only associated with tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nuts, all of a sudden garner interest from average citizens and conservative corporations alike. The shift away from centrally controlled models and towards decentralized products and services is happening, and its pace will not be slow. We are clearly seeing where the world is heading and are ready to help it on its journey.

Users are looking for products that they can trust and services where they feel in control, which is exactly what DappTricity is building. 

In addition, we truly believe that technology must also have a wider positive impact. That any advancement in computer science must not only benefit the company that came up with it, but also society as a whole. That is why we created the concept of being Socially Impact Driven & Economically Viable (SIDEV). DappTricity employs a number of highly skilled individuals and senior executives who have long and distinguished careers. During their time in the technology, financial services and gaming industry, it has become clear to this team that sustainability is more than just a fancy term and that the tech company of the future requires radically different thinking. Less “Do No Evil” and more “Do Good Straight From The Start”. DappTricity therefore is the name to remember when it comes to applications that will be used by millions in the not too distant future.

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